The iUGO Care Platform

Telehealth: Enhanced Physician-Patient Communication

iUGO Care’s telehealth service allows for virtual eVisits between physicians and patients making access to primary care efficient and convenient for both providers and patients. Prescriptions and referrals can be initiated and a detail report can be generated.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a service that utilizes technology to deliver clinical healthcare via a secure video and audio connection. It is used by clinicians to connect with patients to share video and images. This can be integrated with iUGO Care’s Chronic Care Management platform.


Telehealth is a service to reach more patients in less time and to reduce the overhead of patient check in and waiting areas.

Send and receive secure instant messages and videos from mobile and desktop devices.

Increased Access

Empowering clinicians to improve access to their patients. Our platform allows patients to see their own primary care physician and/or the next available physician in a local ‘virtual waiting room’.


Patients and clinicians do not have to physically visit their doctor’s office but rather can “see the doctor” from the convenience of their desktop or mobile device.

Prescriptions & Referrals

Clinicians can quickly generate PDF based prescriptions and lab requisitions. When seeing a patient virtually, clinicians can create referrals to specialists easily to treat advanced care needs.

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