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iUGO Home

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Quality care, in the comfort of home

The iUGO Home platform combines sensors, ibeacons, biometric monitoring devices and other IoT tools to provide unobtrusive monitoring, coaching and alerts for patients at home.

Voice Recognition

iUGO Home uses cutting edge technologies like the Amazon Echo hardware and Alexa voice recognition software.

Emergency Services

iUGO Home will automatically summon emergency services (911) if the system detects a fall or if the patient verbally requests emergency medical assistance.


Small sensor stickers placed around the home allow iUGO Home to track movement, detect falls and help patients find their mobility aids, medications and medical devices.


Patients and clinicians can view graphs showing trends and correlations in patients’ vital signs, medication adherence, nutrition, sleep patterns and activity levels over time.

Patient Education

Sensors automatically turn on the TV at the patient’s request to show informational and instructional videos to support self-management of their chronic conditions.


The care team has real-time access to patient health data and receives automated alerts when early intervention is needed to prevent complications that could lead to hospitalization.

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